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Young, teen innocence, styled like Marilyn Monroe as she may not have her own style, Narrative tells a story, concentrates on her dancing.
Gothic style, with the crows and dark robes, black wig/hair dye, Doesn't dance as energeticaly as the first one, narrative and lyrics kind of match but no real narrative.
A lot less clothing, more sexual dancing, no story or narrative so to speak, however Justin Timberlake is a lot younger yet she can keep up with the dancing and energetic style.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The genre for this fictional band is difficult to say as the cover makes the person who sees it have to look into the band and find ot for themselves. However we think the genre is R+B or Hip hop as the nature of the other posters for them are quite dark, and never really show the artist. If it was a rock poster it would usually show the band or artist as in pop as well.

Magazine Ads

The conventions of a magazine ad is to sell the artist, and the colour scheme must match either the bands music style, or the genre of the video.
There is usually a main center image which is quite a iconic image and some reviews to give better press for the band.

The digipack usually has a big iconic image on the front page, and info in the corner of the image explaining what is inside and in not too much detail. And then more info in the back of the case, with track listings and the like. 

Monday, 5 July 2010


Mis en scene-The contrast in the costumes and locations that was used in the video fits the lyrics of the song with "back in black".

The use of voyeurism with the close up of the guitar at the beginning would attract people into watching the rest of the video.

Editing-The cuts between the white room and black room were on time and fit in with the music and the lipsyncing fit in time with the music. The close ups of the singers worked to sell the artists well as they were directly filmed singing.

Considering the lack of group members it was very well done

We could overlay the images so it has the tiled effect that we mentioned below, so black white, black white and so on.

We have chosen these images for our the first 3 we will use for the magazine cover, and manipulate it together. And then manipulate the final pic as the CD cover.
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